ATTENTION: Founders, Entrepreneurs & Podcasters!


Octacast helps busy founders, speakers, and podcasters save time by Post-Producing mixing, mastering your podcast as well as re-purposing content from it.

What is the Octacast?

It’s an all-in-one Podcast Post production editing service.

You hit record we do the rest.

We take the burden of editing, mixing and mastering the podcast off your shoulder while you can relax or focus on other task at your hand.

Who’s it for?

The program is for:

Busy Founders looking to work on something else

Entrepreneurs looking to save some time

Speakers looking to express more and spend less time worrying about post production

Podcasters looking to scale their brand by outsourcing

We help anyone who doesn’t have the time to invest in editing their podcast but also want to give their listeners a quality experience.

What do I get?

You get your Podcast post-produced mixed and mastered by our team along with all the extra add-ons that you opt in for.

And since this is your first time working with us we offer you some sweet bonus deals if you decide to work with us for at least a month.

Bonus #1 – Show Notes for first Month

Bonus #2 – 4 Clips for the first Month

Bonus #3 – Thumbnail for the first 2 Months

How do you do it?

You send us your raw files we get on with editing it.

We have years of experince when it comes to editing audio and video content and we have developed some of our own methods to not only post produce your podcast in record time but also to deliver it to you on time.

What will the program do for me?

Save you time⏲

You will have less headache and more time which you can then invest into working on your other important project or spending it with your loved ones.

Improve Quality🔥

Your podcast will not only sound clearer and better than ever before it will also look great because we will color grade and correct your footage and add elegant overlays on top of it to look much more neat and unique.

Peace of Mind🧘‍♂️

Be rest assured your episode will be delivered with all the promised deliverables in less than 72hours of you sending us your raw files. 


Some clips from our Past work.

We have worked with a lot of people in the past 

Why you should get it right now!

Delegating your work to free up some time is a no brainer for most people who have a lot of task in their hand.

Time is certainly more valuable than money and dont take our word for it, ask Warren Buffett one of the wealthiest people on the planet and he wouldn’t hinge to give up all his money to get back his youth.

Also there is only a few of them that I can do right now

We want to insure highlight level of quality possible from our end so we take on only a small number of projects and thus we have only few limited slots for now.


Best Part?

We guarantee your podcast delivery within 72 hours of you sending us your file, if we fail to do so, you wont be charged and you can keep the episode.


1. Apply to speak to us over call.

2. We suggest a plan according to your need.

3. Send us your raw files.

4. Get Final output files delivered to your preferred inbox or uploaded straight to your podcast service.

Limited Time Offer ⌛

Book a call before the end of the month and get your first episode done for just $10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why should I outsource when I can do it on my own?

You get to save the most valuable resource out their by outsourcing and delegating your work and that is your time.  

2. I think I can get it for cheaper on Fiverr?

Very Unlikely but do you really want to save some extra bucks and go with a buggy solution which is less personalized requires multiple revision and most importantly lacks quality.

3. What if I don’t get any video within 72hours of me sending you the files?

We will try our best to finish it and send it to you, once you get it you dont have to pay for it.

4. Will I get more Audience?

Getting audience depends mostly on your content and while improving your quality will certainly boost people’s retention on your podcast we cant gurantee that you will see a surge of followers just by getting your podcast edited by us or anyone else.

5. Can we chat on text instead of getting on call?

Sure shoot us a email at [email protected] and we would be happy to chat if that is what you are comfortable with.

6. I need more than just editing my podcast, can you guys help?

We sure can, Just book a call and list all your requirements and we will try and help you in as many way as possible.